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Repairs to unlisted units

The list of units that we have repaired is huge.  We only list the most popular repairs on our Products and Repairs List pages as these are the ones we have the most technical information about.  If your unit is not listed then we can almost certainly still help you out. 

Many of the other types of units are based on other models in the range or similar units.  Manufacturers use common circuit building block designs across their whole range of units in order to save development costs.  Since we work at electronics component level we see the same types of circuit across manufacturers range of units time and time again.  In addition to this, there are industry standard circuit topologies for items such as chargers, interfaces and control systems that are used across the range of manufacturers items.

The above factors mean that we will already have knowledge of your unlisted unit and hence, we can provide support, advice and repairs.  It is best to discuss your unit with us first so please go to our Contact Us page in order to email or phone us to give us more information about your unit. 


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